06 June 2007

Remunerations of Researchers in the Public and Private Commercial Sectors

Source: European Commission's Directorate General for Research <http://ec.europa.eu/eracareers/pdf/final_report.pdf>

The results of the study, carried out from May 2006 to March 2007, show the remuneration scheme of the researchers in Europe, and compare it against the situation of researchers in other countries [...].

High differences between the remunerations of researchers throughout the EU25 and Associated Countries, although the gap between the levels of remuneration in each country reduces when considering the cost-of-living. [...] But, even if one considers the PPS (Purchasing Power Standard), the differences between countries are extremely high in most cases and for example, a researcher working in Austria may expect a remuneration level around 60.530 EUR, whilst a researcher in France would receive 47.550 EUR (21,44% less) or a researcher in Slovakia would receive 18.282 EUR (69,80% less). [...]

Only Austria, The Netherlands, Israel, Switzerland and Luxembourg have an average remuneration similar to that of the United States, considering the cost of living in each country. [...] The EU25 average (40.126 EUR) is far below the US average (62.793 EUR). Only Austria (60.530 EUR), The Netherlands (56.721 EUR) and Luxembourg (56.268 EUR) have a similar remuneration level to the United States. If we consider the Associate Countries, only Israel (59.580 EUR) and Switzerland (59.902 EUR) have an average remuneration similar or higher to the United States. Australia, India and Japan have an average of remuneration that is higher than the EU25 in terms of PPS and which is, in the case of Australia and Japan, in a similar range to the level of the United States. In the case of China, its remuneration level is far below the EU25 level.

High differences in expected career progression throughout the EU25 and Associated Countries. [...]

In most of the countries, the remuneration for men is higher than for women. [...]

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