26 February 2008

HIS seminar #10 - Data Processing: data retrieval and multilingual opinion analysis, in 東京 (Tokyo, Japan)

Source: Horizons <http://horizons.free.fr/his/eng/seminars/2008-02-26_his-seminar_10.htm>

The 10th seminar dealt with data processing. Dr Evans (NII) presented his group's activities on data retrieval and his research on multilingual opinion analysis at the 国立情報学研究所 (National Institute of Informatics).

Slides of the presentations:

Date: 26 February 2008 (15:30-17:00)
Location: 国立情報学研究所 (National Institute of Informatics), Tokyo, Japan
Language: English
Registration fees: None
Attendees: 8 persons
Organization: Dr DUVAL Sébastien, 国立情報学研究所 (National Institute of Informatics)

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